• Love you with a capital FUCK YOU!

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    Dear Idiot a.k.a. Madison,

    You’re a FUCKING idiot. You are a stupid skank. You’ve ruined your ENTIRE high school reputation by fucking around and even fucking a senior. You’re rude, obnoxious, greedy, a thief, and a shit ass friend. I can’t believe I became friends with you, I should’ve known better than to become friends with someone who would hookup with any guy, and I mean ANY guy. I don’t give a fuck if I sound harsh, I’m SO FUCKING SICK of having this fucking bi-polar friendship with you. I’m so fucking done. And I don’t even know how to fucking tell you because you’re an obnoxious, clingy, lying, retarded BITCH. I can’t even stand to hear your name. Here’s the thing, I find it important to be loyal to my friends, which means standing up for them and loving them and building them up. Which you obviously can’t fucking do. You NEVER stood up for me, never. You fucking piece of shit. I can’t even believe you, if someone did that to one of my friends I would’ve told them off and actually be a friend. Maybe all your friends left because you are shit to them and don’t know shit about being one, and Kristina only stayed because she’s so fucking pathetic and no one likes her. Her brother is the only thing she thinks that is great, and everyone just thinks he’s a stupid creep meathead. Oops, forgot, you humped him. You’re such a STUPID skank. I can’t believe I felt bad. And the greatest thing is, is that you’re so easy to fuck with. I can tell you whatever the fuck I want, and you’ll believe it. Hahaha, stupid bitch. Don’t ever fuck with me, you understand whore? Oh and I’m sure if other people read this then they’ll think I’m just a crazy bitch. Well maybe the fact that you hurt me so much, and that just equals fucking pissed. Yeah, you got Larkin and me together, but face it, one time or another we would’ve. Just not as soon, and that may have been better because you’re just a fucking slu. You fucked up so much! Texting him, being on my account talking to him, pretending to be me. Calling him a faggot and saying he was using me and then pretending to be me. Yeah, I fucking knew he was using me, I knew and so did everyone else thanks to YOU. You weren’t even nice about me and him. You would always tell me to “shut up and go blow him” whenever I would express anything about him. When I was sad, you would call me a slut and say he only wanted me for head. When I was angry you said it was my own fault and that I’m stupid and too “Alana-like” to get anyone else. When I was happy you would say that he doesn’t care, he only wants head. Not once did you help me. You laughed at me when I starting crying because he never said happy birthday to me. You got mad at me when you fucked a senior and cried to me, and then I said, “Well what can you expect from a senior?” YOU’RE A FUCKING FRESHMAN. GET THAT IN YOUR TINY RETARDED BRAIN YOU STUPID WHORE. You’re fucking pathetic. Always telling everyone that I’m so mean and whatnot. Well, hah! You are always teasing my about having big ears, when I don’t. NO ONE has ever told me about that, because IT ISN’T TRUE. And you make fun of my arms and fingers. You stupid cunt bitch. I can’t fucking stand you. Just go to another school, but wait, you’ll annoy the shit out of them and they’ll just want you to get out, grow up, get a life, and perhaps die. Just like me. You’re so fucking disgusting. A complete joke. I laugh at your situations and don’t even try to bother to tell people we’re friends. Because in my book, WE’RE NOT. Who tells someone to “gtfo” or some stupid shit like that? You, because you don’t know shit. God, you say you have “average” grades. I wasn’t aware that “shit” turned into “average”, your dad is right. You have no future, no potential, just a stupid slut who probably will work on a corner or make some stupid porno and then end up with nothing. People ask me, “Are you best friends with that Madison chick?” and I merely reply, “No, she was a fucking mistake. Stupid slut who thinks she can get anyone she wants.” Don’t even doubt me, I’ve told other people, MANY. And GET THIS! I’ve already told people about you losing your virginity to a senior! And then getting dumped the next day! But trust me, they feel bad. But once you look the situation over, you kinda see that it’s actually the sluts fault. He TOLD you that he DIDN’T want to have sex with you because he didn’t like you. But you still over-stepped your boundaries and fucked him. And when I told people (they asked, rumors fly nowadays!) they weren’t surprised, just disgusted with someone so pathetic and low. Hahaha you’re such a joke. It really does look bad for me to be seen with you, because I actually have a future because I don’t blow every guy I meet and don’t try to fuck anyone I see. Also, I actually TRY working and school, and get this! I actually succeed, unlike your ugly ass. Quit putting videos of yourself humping the air and putting photos of yourself smoking. You have no futures, so I don’t even see the point of this. I guess it was one last attempt to see if even my meanest words would help you. Guess not. I tried being nice, tried being accepting, tried being there for you, but you’re so fucking repulsive, I just can’t do it anymore. And hey, I’m even a nice person when it comes down to it. I give people second chances and I love a lot of people. And trust me, you’re most definitely not one of them. I won’t give this to you myself, I hope someone else does. Because I do want you to see it and know just how much I love you! Hahah, but trust me, my words are just everyone else’s thoughts.

    Love you! –Alana 😉

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    4 Responses to Love you with a capital FUCK YOU!

    1. Llogic
      February 20, 2011 at 8:35 pm

      I have one of these 😀 I wish I knew you and Madison so I could HAND DELIVER IT. Or better yet, tape it all around your school.


    2. This is Sad
      February 21, 2011 at 3:08 pm

      First of all, you’re both entirely too young to be giving anyone head or sex – you’re freshman, for christ’s sake. Secondly, you sound just as silly and petty as the person you’re complaining about. Crying over someone saying you have big ears truly says something about your age.


    3. You're ridiculous
      February 21, 2011 at 11:07 pm

      You honestly sound just as bad as her.
      Get over yourself.
      And get the balls to give this to her in person.


    4. Moron
      February 22, 2011 at 12:23 am

      Wow. This just reinforces my hatred of modern highschool girls. Get a fucking life.



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