• Thanks, Mom.

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    i always used to think that my parent’s divorce was what made me the way i am. i still kind of do, honestly. i mean, it’s taken me 7 years to actually feel the effects of it. but today, i realized that it’s my mom. she’s the one who messed me up so much. she’s the reason i don’t anyone or let myself be open with people. it’s why i don’t have friends, and why i never will have friends. nothing i ever do is right in her eyes. i’m constantly screwing up. she’s the reason i can’t even trust my dad. the little time i do see him, it’s so forced. he doesn’t even really know me. no one does, & that’s thanks to them. i’m so terrified of getting divorced when i get older, or not even getting married at all. i’ll probably never even have a boyfriend. how could i? how could i be in a relationship when i can’t even hold a frienship? I’ll be alone forever.

    so way to go, guys. you made one hell of a daughter.

    ~your 16 year old.

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    1. Another Daughter
      February 14, 2011 at 11:56 am

      have some faith. I am you, just six years older and still asking the same questions. its no use hating and blaming. its hard realizing our parents are just human…

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