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    Dear M-

    If you somehow manipulate me into sending you another sex tape from my phone, I think it’s about time your girlfriend of 2 and half years finds out. Actually, I think it’s time your girlfriend found out about everything. About you approaching me in 2009. About every conversation we have had since that night in October when you swept me off my feet. About your lies to her when she “found out everything”.

    She didn’t find out anything. She found out an extremely simplified version of the story that you spoon fed her. You told her we had been talking for a week. That I instigated it? We had been talking for 5 months. You instigated it. You kept it going. You never stopped. You felt bad for “what you did to both of us”…”neither of us deserved it”….well you’re right about that. Both of us are too good for you. Way too good for you. And the fact that she is still in a relationship with you and that I continue to wait by my phone for your weekly texts baffles me. Because let’s face it, it’s not like you’re a stellar catch.

    I wish I could call her up on the phone this Valentine’s Day. Tell her what we talked about earlier this week. Expose all your secrets. Explain how on Christmas right after you left her house you started up a conversation with me about the possibility of actually dating. A conversation that sticks with me daily. A conversation that you seem to conveniently forget because in it you promised me you were breaking up with her. I wish she could know the extent of our relationship. The extent of what a total and complete asshole you are. She could finally know the truth.

    Except…I know I’ll never tell her the truth. Because this Valentine’s Day, while the two of you are together. While the two of you kiss and hold hands and share your 3rd Valentine’s Day together and say “I Love You” to one another countless times. I’ll be across the country, regretting the fact that I’m in love with you too and you really could care less.

    It’s okay champ…there’s always next year.

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    1. Emily
      February 15, 2011 at 1:26 pm

      Break away from him. It’s your only chance at finding someone who actually deserves you.

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