• I’m Breaking Down.

    by  • February 12, 2011 • Anger, Betrayal, Buck up!, Closure, Eff Off - You - or Up, Frustration, Heartbreak, Knock it Off, Letting Go, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Moving On, Resentment, To You • 0 Comments

    Dear Compulsive Liar,

    I wish I had the guts to write this to you, you’ve hurt me so much, yet I want you back… no matter how many guys hit me up… you’re still on my mind. Yet I know you’re not thinking about me at all because you’re that player that every girl falls for… the kind of girl you can hurt and not even care about it. You won’t shed a tear, but boy I did… and when I’m on the phone crying about you to my best friend, you were on the phone with another girl telling her how “beautiful” and “gorgeous” she was.

    But somehow it was my fault, my fault I fell for you, my fault that I thought you’d actually would change for me. Sad thing is you never saw a future like I did. You knew if it didn’t work out between us you had girls waiting. I was just another one of “them”. The words you called me that you said you never would, but how it was so easy to sweet talk me and tell me I was “your everything”. Thought I was the only girl you were talking to… like how you were the only boy I was talking too. I made a mistake… I told you the COMPLETE truth… I said sorry and said it would never happen again, I meant it. But when you hurt me you denied it. You said it was all lies. Who’s the compulsive liar now… But still I’m the one left hurt, I’m the one that’s been thinking about you… how it’s almost been two weeks of no talking because you thought I was trying to get with your friend… you didn’t even let me explain… you called me a fuckin bitch and that you hated me… blocked me from your life when the only guy I had feelings for was you.

    You’ve hurt me so much, there’s so much pain… I can’t even explain… I fell for you so fast. I didn’t listen when people told me to stay away. You told me they were just trying to ruin what we had… but what we had was nothing. I was nothing, just another girl in your life that you felt like flirting with when it made you feel good… did the compliments get to you? Did they make you feel happy as you said they did? Did they make you feel like you were on top of the world? That you were cared for so much by me? Because boy that’s what yours did to me. I got butterflies every time I talked to you, every time our song came on I would smile… now all I can do is think of you… all I can do is cry… but I bet it doesn’t even remind you of me. I hope you’re happy… keep living your life like you are… because one day karma will bite you right in the ass… and don’t come to me.

    Don’t come to me saying you messed up. I won’t care. The only thing I want is a sorry, a sorry for all the pain all the tears all the time I spent laying in bed thinking about you… sleepless nights… I can never get those back… But that was your plan all along… to play me… make me feel like I was the most amazing girl ever, that there couldn’t be any other better girl out there…then you dropped me like I was nothing. As I sit here and cry…you won’t know, not like you would care anyway. I’d just like to let you know when someone calls me boo or babe…I cry a little inside… i can’t see anyone else calling me that but you.

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