• I’m Sorry

    by  • February 11, 2011 • Cheating, Frustration, Grief, Guilt, Love - Pure and Simple, Sorry • 0 Comments

    To him,

    I love you, I really do, but this relationship pretty much sucks. You live a couple hundred miles away from me, and neither of us can make the trip to see one another. We talk everyday about how we’ll never hurt each other or cheat or lie or anything. I see what you post on other people’s profiles online, but I never bring it up. Stop telling every girl and their best friend how cute they are and stuff. It makes me feel unimportant. You know what though, I’m being a hypocrite. That one day where I didn’t text you back or message you…well, I had sex. We weren’t really together at the time, but yeah. I also made out with that guy a couple of weeks ago, I feel guilty about it, but I’ll never tell you. We both suck at this, and we’re better off with other people. I love you and you love me, but we suck at being together.

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