• A summary of 100 letters

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    I don’t know what to say now, I don’t know how to put it all into one letter.

    I broke your heart and I’m sorry. I broke my own as well. I’m not saying I made a mistake, maybe the timing and the circumstances could have been better, but we were meant to end up apart.

    I was heart broken for months, I would have crawled back to you but there was no point. Even if you had of taken me back I couldn’t, I don’t want that life, waiting for years in the shadows seeing a glimpse of you every so often waiting for our life to start.

    Although you are oblivious to what went on with me I want you to know that I’m happy, finally. 3 days after I let go of you I met him and he made me feel again. I love him. I will always love you too. I see you’re happy now as well, she seems like someone who could handle your situation much better than I could.

    I could never understand why two people who love each other couldn’t be together but now I do more than anyone. We never got the life we wanted, we’ll never have the house with the blue door or the ginger kids running round the garden, but you got the life you wanted more than the life with me. That life was the one for you, I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around to share it with you but I want a normal life and family. We both knew it was going to be one of the other.

    I truly hope you are blissfully happy in everything you do and I guess I hope I am too. I hope the band takes you everywhere you ever planned on being and one day you get the house with the blue door with someone who love you far more than I could.

    I love you. Forever.

    K xo

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