• See you nevs.

    by  • February 9, 2011 • Friends, Interested?, Lost Love, Miss You, Thinking of you • 0 Comments

    Hey. It’s not like we even went out for that long. Or, long at all. Ok, it was really brief. But good. We shouldn’t be compatible. Our ideals are totally different, and I rarely agree with anything you say. We had a really good day. I was smitten. and then you ended it, and I guess I’m still not sure why. I was pretty hurt, but we didn’t even talk about it. So you were still in love with that other chick? jeez. then why did YOU ask ME out?

    Anyway, this was ages ago, and I should probably get over it. But I do think about you often. I’m sorry I was kind of a bitch last time I saw you. I’m trying really hard to make up for that, and I hope you see my effort.

    I’ll be happy to see you again. Maybe we can strike up an actual friendship. That’d be cool.

    I hope you’re doing well these days,


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