• One of the Many

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    Dear you,

    I’ll start off saying, this is the one note I don’t think I will ever be giving you, out of the many that I’ve written and given to you. It started last year when we were closer than close. Talking all the time doesn’t even explain- but just our relationship as friends was perfect. We trusted each other more than anything and were so comfortable around each other that no one understands how we could be this close in such little time. But you weren’t just a friend to me. You’ve moved away, and I was and still am utterly miserable. I truly love you. And it gives me the most nervous and upsetting pain in my stomach. It’s so hard to deal with me just being the friend, and I wish you felt the same way. I always picture me being upset and telling you this, and you just tell me the same thing. But no. That isn’t what would happen. I have never tried harder with anything than trying to keep in touch with you, and it seems like you want nothing to do with me. It took me so long to realize that I needed to stop trying and see if you ever came to me, and you did. But I need you more than that, so please come back to me and show me I mean more than words.

    Love, me.

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