• You act as if nothing happened between us.

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    Dear Guy I’m in love with,

    You made me feel special, like I was amazing, and like I actually mattered. We had everything in common. We were perfect for each other.

    Everytime we spoke, I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the whole entire world. Every time you texted me I would smile. You told me I was beautiful, and for the first time out of any other person telling me that I was, I actually believed you. You called me your “baby” and you wrote your statuses about me. Every day I went to school and would show my friends our texts that we had sent eachother at 2 in the morning:) Everyone knew that I was finally happy.

    Then one morning I showed up to school and you were with her. She was holding your hand and you kissed her and right as I walked by you turned your head and saw me. Saw me with the tears in my eyes.

    Just like that we were over. Like none of what happened between us mattered. You texted me and said you “Felt bad” I was heartbroken and all you could tell me was that you felt bad? I cried for 2 days straight.

    THEN as soon as I had gotten over you, you have the fucking nerve to text me and try to carry a conversation with me as if you had never hurt me, as if we had never had feelings for eachother? Pathetic.

    I hate you for what you’ve done to me. I want to die everytime I see you and her together. My heart is forever broken.Yet, if you and your girlfriend broke up, I would go back to being with you again in a heartbeat.

    Thanks. A lot. Thanks for making me feel like shit, and breaking my heart. Thanks for not even caring that you did.

    – Yours always

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