• jealousy

    by  • February 8, 2011 • Friends, Frustration, Jealousy, Resentment, Sorry • 0 Comments

    I hate how everyone loves you and things come easy to you, how random people become your best friends instantly and offer you a room in their house they plan on renting, how people offer to buy you things because you claim to not have money, how your parents pay for your school, how they gave you a car, how I have to work for everything, how my grandma died when she didn’t have to, how my 7 year old sister is getting tested for cancer, how my grandpa got cancer, how I got in a car accident and totaled it, how I am overweight, how you hate yourself and think you’re ugly when even though you are big your face is beautiful and so is your heart, how you seem to think i’m skinny i mean just let me vent i’m not that great! and most of all…how I feel so jealous and stupid about all of this when so many other people in the world have it so much worse than me. oh and this was directed to more than one person so if you know who you are…I don’t hate you….just how easy everything seems…sorry..

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