• Letting Go.

    by  • February 2, 2011 • Anger, Frustration, Letting Go, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I wanted to tell you that I’m angry. I suppose you can’t understand what it is like to be in my shoes right now, you are too busy thinking about your own situation. That has always been one of our issues. You are undoubtedly self-concerned; Are you too young to be in a serious relationship?, Do you have too much stress?, What about your friends? I wish I could better understand you, but I am choosing to think about my own plight. After three years of being in love with you I’m angry that I am back where I started in some sense. The same thing happens over and over; I only have myself to blame. I chose to get involved with you when I knew the truth: you would never step up for me. Part of me wishes that you will regret this so that I can have some sort of satisfaction. But that isn’t right; I really just want to let this and you go. I can’t change that you won’t be with me. All I can do is let go of the inane hope of you coming back for me and the pipe dream that you were the person I was meant to be with. All I want is to let go of the pain of rejection and the anger over what I feel is a very unwise mistake on your end. I want to wish you well. Maybe if I keep telling myself that I’m over it I will be.

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