• Dear Brother,

    by  • January 14, 2011 • Abuse, Anger, Betrayal, Family Stuff, Hatred • 0 Comments

    You never changed. You may say different things, but you haven’t changed. You never had and you never will.

    I may still remember that night but you don’t. The night that you beat me up? Remember yet? The night where you mercilessly grabbed me by my arm and slapped me across the face? Do you remember yet? The night where you then threw me across the room and punched my arm? Remember? The night you picked me up off the ground, while I was begging for you to stop? Do you remember? The night where when I tried to get away, you just kicked me out of the door? Do you remember now? The night where you called me a worthless piece of shit? Remember yet? The night where you said I will never amount to anything? Remember? The night where you changed my life forever? Do you now?

    No you don’t. You deny it ever happened. I ran to mom and dad after it happened and told them what you did. They didn’t believe me. “How could a son like him do such a thing?” they said. But you did.

    You made my life a fucking living hell, and mom and dad didn’t help either. They thought my anger towards you was just a phase. Well it’s not. I still fucking hate your guts. You’re an awful person.

    All those terrible things you said to me. I believed them. I AM a piece of shit. I AM a worthless amount to nothing person. I AM a fuck up.

    But you? You are much worse. You beat up your only sister, your only sibling. You made her resent you for the rest of your life. You made her want to kill you.

    I will never ever forgive you for the things you did or said to me.

    I hate you forever,
    Your sister

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