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    You were right. I’d lose a friend if I did it, I lost you. I never took that threat seriously thought I should have. Now I’m left to think of what could have, what should have. All the while you have a free conscience and nothing to regret. I’m stuck in those times we were close, and can’t even force myself to forget. Remember when we talked on the phone until the sun came up? Or those countless jokes we kept to ourselves? Or how we’d sneak out and just drive for hours; nearly killing ourselves each time? I remember, and I doubt you forgot. Like an older sibling you were always there, except you left when I messed up. I’d like to say I regret what I did just to bring you back, but I don’t. So I guess you’re gone for now. And all I can do is just wait, for something I’m not sure will return.

    – You know.

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