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    Dear *missing information*:

    People tend to tell me I’m still in love. People tell me I can’t forget you that fast. I didn’t believe it at first, and I fell again. But time has passed. And now I’m sure I don’t love you.

    You lied to me. You’re really moody. You behave like people tell you to. You don’t really do what’s good for you, and that’s REALLY BAD.

    You even proposed me to cheat on that guy.

    I know if you read this, you will know it’s me, and you’ll be angry. I think… I just had to tell you, anyway. It’s what I think.

    Well, anyways, back to the facts. I miss your sex. I really, really miss your sex. No one will blow me like you did. In such amazing situations. I don’t love you, I don’t miss you. You proved you don’t really deserve me.

    I know I’m being rude, but it’s what I feel. I’m not sorry for feeling this way.

    I don’t want to hurt you, tho. I could have put this somewhere else, so you would read it. But… I prefer to post this here. There are less chances of you popping out and reading this.

    I don’t know. Fuck that guy. Not literally, I mean… What the hell? Why is he asking you to be serious? I don’t FUCKING GET IT. And I tried to ask you, and you were rude. I still don’t get it. Maybe one day you will tell me the difference without getting mad at me.

    So, anyways. I need to seek sexual activity out of you. I really need to fuck. I don’t care who. As I have said a million times, you would be perfect. You enjoy sex with me, and I do aswell. So that’s just perfect, for both. We both like it. And it would be pretty awesome to share it. But not in these circumstances. I don’t want you to cheat on anyone.

    You have three options. Stay with him, and have sex with him (you might like it even more than what I used to be, maybe not, you’ve got to take the chance. Even if you’re so sure about it… It’s not that hard to pleasure you, damn). Talk to him, make him understand you really like my sex, and you want me, he has to understand it aswell, there’s nothing dangerous, you won’t fall in love. The third option consists in kicking him out, and have sex with me, which would, by the way, be awesome.

    I don’t know what you do expect from that guy. I, myself, not much. I don’t know him, so I can’t judge, but I know lots of guys and 95% are just not worth it.

    What a shame…

    Sincerely, anonymous.

    PS: If you come across this letter, you will probably notice it’s me. As I said, you will probably hate me after this. You might get mad. Clicking “send” might be the end to everything. But well, it has been nice knowing you. I hope you don’t go away again. I don’t want you to go away. You’re a really beautiful person, but you have to understand that you sometimes piss me off, being so moody… You told me a day, but you see? It’s been cancelled already…

    Damn how I miss sex… I guess I’ll have to use my own hands from now on, quite a shame.

    PS1: I really still want us to be close friends. I really, really want to tell you EVERYTHING, and I want to trust you, I want you to trust me, I don’t want to end this as friends. Let’s just say this is a “hold on” in our sexual activity, just that. By the way, I’m 99% sure I’ll regret pressing “send”, but I just have to say it…

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