• I’ll Miss You All

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    To: Osiris, Flip, Kampfer, TT, Aussie, Thomas (AWOL), Bret, Kaizy, Shea 22 Dec 10

    I’ve grown to love each and every one of you. The smiles you’ve brought, the tears you’ve given and the sacrifices you’ve made to even say one word to me. No matter how much negativity I’ve given you all, each word that I’ve spoken to you gave me relief, because I know you were there to listen, and for that, I thank you.

    I never knew that I would acquire such wonderful friends the first day I downloaded Skype. I brought you all into my life, weary at first, but I never regretted my decision. Each of you has grown to have a piece of my heart, no matter the amount. I was able to turn to you when nobody else would listen. You all were like an escape from my prison cell here. I want to take this time to comment on each of you (in no specific order).

    Osiris (Ricky): I’ve told you multiple times, that since the first time I met you, you’ve impacted my life in a positive way. You gave me the courage to come out to my parents (even though they still don’t believe me), the courage to be more outgoing and the ambition to just be pure awesometown. Man, the good times we’ve had. Remember the cam sessions? The random shenanigans we did, and the random stories we’ve made up. Hah, Timmy… that poor boy with his confusion and angry father. He always loved the good guys, no matter what dad said lol. Ahh, stories like that still make me smile. And I know I made promises, much which are now broken, but you’re still in my thoughts everyday. But visiting you was still in mind. Didn’t know when, but eh. We’ve been through highs, we’ve been through lows, and you’ve even became involved in my actual life with RL friends and family and such. I was comfortable with that. Then things went to shit by my fault. For that, I apologize. I’ve told you that many times already, but I know it’s not enough. I just thought that phrase would bring even a little hope. Ah well, didn’t hurt to try, eh? Don’t change, you’re awesome. I wish you find someone who would give you less heartbreak and more happy. C: Maybe wounds will heal in the future. In due time. Time, like you said.

    Kampf: You sick bastard, you. 😛 Walking into my life and just treading on it with your footpaws. Heh, I don’t mind. You gave me the impression that you’re a hardass, but there was that soft spot in there. I may not have found it, but I tried. Thank you for all your help, though. The pictures you’ve drawn and the words you’ve given me to help cheer me up, whether it be Skype or texting. I just wish I got to know you enough to actually hang out with you, you know? I really was hoping to visit you in the Mile High state, but I wanted to know you more, first. At least I tried, eh? I hope you and Trey stay together for a long, long time. Be there for him, and let him be there for you. Of course, what’s this asshole saying, you already know that. :3

    Flip: Ahh, Flip. You whore. :3 That’s right. >:3 Can’t say it back! Mwahaha. But hey, I know I may not be a great “brother” right now, but know that no matter what, I’d still consider you my big bro. You’ve taught me many lessons that my own father hadn’t taught me, such as being yourself, not taking shit from anyone, and hating Basshuntering-chavs. Oh oh, and I’m trying everyday to try and down that Jungle Juice (1/3 vodka, 2/3 fruit punch). I’ve gone with four cups of it without puking. I know, I know, I’m a lightweight. :3 But I’m getting better ^^ You have yet to kick my ass on Call of Duty, too. But hey, don’t stop being yourself. You know that already, so why is this guy wasting his breath, eh? Maybe Creamfields or Global ’11 is calling my name. Or not. Heh, tis good to wish though.

    TT: You boy. You crazy. So full of silly. We’ve had fun, yes? Lots of fun. So much fun, it’s almost unbearable. Wherever you go in the future, whether it be ERAU Daytona or whatever Florida state thingy you’re going to, always strive for the best. Never lose your smile and always work hard. When things seem bleak, strive harder! Hahdah! But don’t stress yourself out because, y’know, that’s bad for ya. 8I c: Maybe we can play XBL in the future, or maybe not. We’ll see. Time will tell.

    Aussie: You snowmew, you. Such a cuddly thing with a big fluffy tail. You always came in with aspirations for a group cuddle. I regret not taking advantage of said cuddles in the past. I always was passive, and though “Oh, another cuddle. Neat. I’ll watch.” I know you enjoyed the cuddling and stuff. I wish that I was more active in it. Never stop being yourself, and never cease to be the uber happy-Australian-snowmew-awesomeness that you are. ^^

    Thomas: Ohhh, Tom. You’re always trying to contact me. Texting, Skyping or even on XBL. I really should’ve taken advantage of that and gotten to know you more. More CoD session (I’m telling ya, we could’ve kicked some major ass on that game, no doubt). We totally should’ve partied, too. I’m always game for that. Or was, rather. Nyah. :c

    Bret: As I type your name, all I can see is The Bret Face. Hehe. Ohhh, Bret. Bret Bret Bret. Bretimus. Brrrrret. You’ve got a girlfriend and for that, I’m proud of you, son. Good job showing off them queer-o’s |:I But no really, pat pat your back. c: Wish I could’ve gotten to know you better, man. 8I I mean, I know I’m not awesome like Kaizy or whatever, but ‘oi, I tried. :3

    Kaizy: Where’d you go? I miss you so. Seems like it’s been forever since you’ve been gone. Seriously, where’d you go? D: I miss the Kaizer. I know you probably see me as one of the other gays who just wants to grab your junk, but dude. DUDE. Dude… we could’ve gone bowling. Or even Hot Topics. Who knows? Belly rub? Naaaah. :3

    Shea: Ah, kitten, kitten, kitten. We’ve had fun eh? Too bad we couldn’t do Marti Gras like we’d planned eh? That would’ve been hoodles of fun, no doubt. Even though we’ve drifted from communication, you’re still the kitten from “Down South” *insert Southern accent*. Never change who you are. Always stay wonderful, and stay happy.

    Maybe one day our paths will cross again. I’ll miss you all so very much. Never forget I love you all in your own way.



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