• The shattered world that remains

    by  • December 20, 2010 • Goodbye, Grief, Heartbreak, Letting Go, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    I broke your heart, I know. I promised, I would never be the one to break your heart. I broke that promise.

    And it broke my heart, never think different.

    It shattered it, tore it from its seams.

    I made a mistake that day. I was selfish, I was weak, I was scared… I was human.

    It broke my heart to break yours, and it continues to shatter, to crack, to crumble Till nothing remains.

    You said you loved me, I loved you too.

    You filled me with the most pain a person can feel from words. Words filled with anger, and hate and disgust. Words filled with pain, and sorrow and ache. How can you hurt me so much.

    It’s because I deserve it I guess.

    I tried to take it all back, I tried to fix the broken pieces of the world I destroyed, you wouldn’t let me. You only saw me for my mistake, for the promise I had broken. Only wanting me to feel guilt, to make me weep, make me hurt. You only loved me, and I broke your heart. So you broke mine. There’s no going back, and there’s no going forward. Not now, not ever.

    This is goodbye

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