• What You’ve Done

    by  • December 19, 2010 • Betrayal, Cheating, Friends, Frustration, Letting Go, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    You proved to be the worst thing that ever could have happened to me at this point in my life. You lied to me, said that you loved me, while trying to take everything that I cared about away from me.

    You wanted to be all I knew. You wanted to leave me cornered and alone, more so than I already was. How could you ask me to give up my friends? The only people who were ever there for me?

    The night my stress was finally getting the best of me, I begged for you to come. You know who was there when you weren’t? The people you wanted me to never see again. How sad that you ever thought you had a chance to replace people as wonderful as them with someone as calloused and uncaring as you.

    You did show me who I could trust. By turning all but a handful of my friends against me in the most high-school manipulation I’ve witnessed since graduating high school. It hurt, it made me feel more alone than ever before, but truth be told I didn’t need them, anyway.

    What hurt the most was the things you called me. Whore. Telling me I deserve to be alone forever. No wonder no one fucks me twice. Crazy.

    Asking me to fix things, after that…it’s laughable. I could never look at you again after hearing those things from your mouth.

    The best part is the whole time, I knew all about you sneaking around with those girls. That’s what really gets me.

    But no, you’re right. I’m the whore, here.

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