• College friends are the meanest.

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    T.F. – I don’t even know to start with you. I can’t believe that I ever liked you. Every day it becomes more and more apparent to me how mean you are. You think you run shit. News flash, acting like everyone else is an idiot doesn’t make you any smarter. The worst part is that I sometimes still like you. You have flashes of kindness. I know you don’t have to be as mean as you are. What are you trying to prove? Pull the tampon out of your ass and be a nice person. We’d all like you a bit more.
    Oh and p.s. I can make my own decisions. Maybe C.B. and I have the same opinion all the time because we’re pretty similar. Sometimes people with similar opinions date. Shocking, I know, but I could care less what he thinks; I form my opinions and make decisions based on me.

    P.W. – I don’t know where you grew up or what happened to you, but the things you say make my skin crawl sometimes. I’ve never been a feminist, as a matter of fact, I like to make sexist jokes, they’re funny, but you take it to a sickening level. Women, black people and gays are not below you. I’m actually pretty convinced that you’re gay. I mean come on. You never touch your girlfriend, you have a homo hair, and your repulsion to gays is pretty over the top. I can understand have conservative views, but when you’re a douche about it (we’re not kidding when we say that), you’re not winning anyone over.
    One day I hope someone punches you in the dick so you know what having period cramps feels like.

    M.M. – How can you date P.W.? When was the last time he said something kind to you in public? Yeah, maybe when it’s the two of you he’s *different* but guys who beat their girlfriends are different in public. You deserve better and by standing by his behavior I have lost all respect for you.

    D.T. – I’ve never seen someone so publicly rude to their supposed “best friend”. Sure, T.F. brings it out in you, but I would respect you so much more if you stood up for him occasionally. Instead, you act like you rule the room. You and your “girlfriend” are in charge of everything that happens in there. If you’re napping no one dares to talk above a whisper, but if C.B. is watching a football game, you guys all openly provoke him and make fun of his team. What purpose does that serve? Yeah, I support trash talking, but you and T.F. do it strictly to piss him off. That’s super mature of you. Grow a pair.

    C.L. – I used to think that you were a super sweet girl, but I know see that you blindly follow D.T., especially if you’re drunk. I see you guys exchange looks. You and him make fun of C.B. and I, but you two are some much worse. The whole group claims that if I know it, C.B. knows it, but the truth is, if D.T. knows it, you know it. And for Christ’s sake, decide of you’re dating or not. Being drunk fuck buddies is so high school.

    M.M. – I guess I’m most disappointed in you. You were one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever known, so I don’t understand how you can’t see the meanness of everyone around you. Sure, I understand accepting people who are rough around the edges, but you’re slowly becoming one of them. You let them talk about and mock others. I’m ashamed with myself that I put up with it as long as I did and that I didn’t speak out. I hope one day you make it back to the kind, loving person that you were, because he really was a guy worth being best friends with.

    C.B. – I love you, I do, but you are so fucking sensitive. I’ll stick up for you, but it’s hard when it’s obvious that you’re being over dramatic. The room is unfair to you sometimes, but the fact that you don’t stick up for yourself and just bitch about it to me later isn’t doing anything. If you’re sick of what’s going on, confront someone. Instead of whining that no one wants to hang out with you or room with you, make yourself a fun person to be with. I’m more than happy to listen to and be there for you, but when you don’t do anything for yourself, there’s not a lot I can do for you.

    I’m worth more respect than all of you have given me. I’m finding new friends. One’s that I don’t have to be suspicious of. That don’t exchange looks and make me feel like I’m being mocked. So here’s a big fuck you. Thanks. I wish I could say it was fun, but overall, I think it’s just been a big waste of my time.

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