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    Dear Deadbeat Father of The Year,

    You promised you would always be there for us. The day he was born you cried and vowed to never let us down. Thank you for being the most incompetent father a child could have. He loves you unconditionally even though you have barely done a thing for him from almost the time he was born. Thank you for leaving us alone while I constantly pick up the pieces of your messes. Thank you for proving to me that you would rather have a “free” life, do drugs, drink, and party rather than being a father. I will never forgive you for forgetting to call him after promising to call him just to let him know that you’re alive and love him. I hope he forgets you. I know I won’t, but I will do my best to push you to the back of my mind for the rest of my life. I took beatings from you, I protected you, I covered for you, I helped you, I looked past the cheating, the lies, and the broken promises but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If I could turn back time I would never put myself through all the pain you caused me and force my former self to leave you in the beginning.

    You never deserved us but he doesn’t deserve to feel the way he does because of you. You had multiple chances to fix your mistakes and still chose to leave us high and dry. I’m done covering for you and will do my best to raise him on my own. FUCK YOU. You will never be forgiven for the wrongs you have done to us.

    -Your ‘baby mama’.

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