• What I’ve let happen

    by  • November 20, 2010 • Anger, Betrayal, Cheating, Letting Go, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments


    You are such an ass! I should have ran the first time I met you. I didn’t and after all these years it’s way too late. One would think that I would have given up the first time you hurt me. I couldn’t believe you fucked her in my yard while I was sleeping. I was so stupid. The short while you lived with me you seemed okay. I thought we had made it through but that wasn’t even close to the truth. You moved to your new place. We talked a lot but things started to change. You became secretive, stopped calling me and when you did it was short. You told me you loved me so I held on. Everyone was telling me you were seeing someone else. I didn’t believe them until I saw it myself. You broke up with her and told me how sorry you were. I bought it. There was a day that I decided to stop by to see you and there with you was another girl. I kicked your fucking ass, made you cry and put a dent in her car. One would think lesson learned right? Wrong!!!!! You came and gave me a sob story and again I took you back. There is so much more to this but I will skip forward to you getting arrested. I had no clue where you were a friend told me. You and I wrote back and forth. We made plans for a future together but I was scared you would break my heart again. He was your friend. He spent so much time with me. He never pushed me for anything. I had him tell you that I was with him. You were so pissed. You didn’t talk to me anymore. When you got out of prison and I returned your stuff I told him that I was going to see you. I got there it was like old times. You held me and made love to me. Your phone rang;it was at that moment I found out you had a girlfriend. You blew me off. I left. It was a long hard drive and the tears didn’t stop. I went to him; I told him everything. He held me and dried my tears. All these years I have been in touch with you. I thought I had moved on with my life then you would call. You even asked me to go away with you. I didn’t. You did leave your wife. You left her by sending her a TEXT message, A fucking TEXT message. Your soon to be ex-wife and I have talked. You were still in my life. I am now on your shit list. Why because I am blamed for something I didn’t do. I am not at fault for you and your girlfriend breaking up. She caused her own issues by lying to her husband, yet I’m the fucking liar? You hate me and told me to leave you the fuck alone. I plan on doing just that. You no longer will have me to fall back on. The price I have paid to have you in my life is too much.


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