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    So you are confusing me. After the first party at Sean’s when you dared me to kiss you. I did that because it was a dare. You posted on my facebook wall that you wanted to hang out more.

    That first week we talked all the time, we texted each other, I even dyed your hair purple 🙂 I took you to buffalo wild wings even. I did that as a friend, but as the week progressed, I found myself falling for you. I like you Tim. No I don’t mean love, because love is reserved for a relationship and only when they truly mean it for each other. I really like you Tim. We bonded so to speak on the self-injury issue. You came with me to the TWLOHA thing and gave me your coat and scarf.

    I was starting to fall for you more. You were still talking to me, and you were nice to me.

    We were watching movies together while I dyed your hair, and that’s when I felt something. I liked you.

    I know you said you like me better as a friend, but I like you more than that. You are a really awesome guy. You’re cute and you’re funny!

    But after what “went down” Sunday evening, it seems as if you don’t want to talk at all anymore. It seems as if you don’t want to hang out anymore. I text you random Hello texts and I don’t get a response. Or I ask you a question and I don’t get a response.

    To me, I thought “Why did you let me go down on you if I was just a friend?” I don’t do that to guys who are just friends. That’s why I kissed you while we watched that movie, because I like you.

    I just want to know why you don’t want to hang out anymore. Or talk even. You seemed so happy to talk and hang out with me last week, but now not so much.

    I’m not being clingy, I don’t like clingy people (my ex was one). I just thought after what happened Sunday that you liked me too. I mean, after when we lied on your bed, I said I liked you. And you said you liked me too. I didn’t know if you meant as a friend or what. But I meant what I said, I do like you Tim.

    Now I don’t know if you ever liked me more than a friend, but I do. I like you more than just a friend.

    I don’t know what your thoughts are on this, but that’s what I wanted to say in person.

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