• No Apologies.

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    To The Only Piece Of White Trash I Know-

    Disgusting, Delusional, Insane, Psychopathic, Misunderstood, Pathetic, Fool. That is the most blatant way I know how to put it. That is all you are, and all you will ever be in my eyes.

    You are the reason I can not sleep at night, the reason why I cry at night, the reason why I feel the aching in my chest.

    you repulse me in every s i n g l e way.

    You whore yourself around, a different boy hanging on your shoulder in every goddamn picture. Of course they weren’t enough; you had to have mine.

    You are one of those people which most simply put, blows my mind. I will never understand you. Never in my life will I be able to associate with the type of person you are. You are the type of person which makes me ask god what kind of people he made.

    I don’t know who you think you are, or if you honestly think I’m stupid, but I’m no pushover, I have always won, and I will always win.

    After all that you’ve done to my life, you have the nerve to continue on in the relentless manner that you do. You have the nerve to threaten me, and rub it all in my face.

    Deranged. You lack any form of human morals. You deserve all that you have coming for you, you deserve nothing less.

    I may seem the fool in this situation, I may appear to be the pathetic one. After all I am the one who was fed all the bullshit and lies on a silver platter and ate every last bit of it. I am the one you knew of and never cared enough to think of as anymore than simply another face in this world. However, you were the bitch on the side, you were the one who was used for the thrill, you lived up to your fullest white trash potentials to say the least.

    YOU are the fool. How can’t you see it? Who are you to fester anger within you and spit it back in my face? Be angry at him, be angry at yourself, but it is bluntly immoral to find any ounce of hate towards me.

    You are a dumb home wrecking cunt. You never stopped to put yourself in my shoes. And after all the pain you’ve seen that you’ve caused me, you don’t back down.

    If it hasn’t hit you yet, you’re the one alone. He still chose me. He never loved you. You were a confidence boost.

    Leave, get out of my life. Leave, get out of his life.

    You’ve done enough damage. We are all done with you, you are hanging on.

    You are the fool.

    You’re messed up; so is your home life, blame it on that if you’d like. But I will never understand how you feel okay fucking with other people’s lives and worsening theirs if you already know what it’s like to have pain and issues.

    It’s degrading to think there are people out there like you who would feel morally right doing what you’ve done, and for that I’ll never understand you.That’s all I have to say, and I hope that their will never be a reason we should need to speak again.

    The One You’ll Never Beat

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    1. Zach
      November 12, 2010 at 11:21 pm

      I honestly believe that we have some people come into our lives so we can learn to not be like them and to teach others not to be like them. Sometimes we do meet others where we question why they are even here on this earth living and breathing. Sorry you had to go through this. :/

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