• i hope you think of me

    by  • November 3, 2010 • Letting Go, Lost Love, Miss You • 0 Comments

    Well hello,

    i know i say i’m over you, and i am for the most part. after the way you treated me so badly, getting over you should be easy. BUT, it’s not. i haven’t talked to you in four months…

    i miss hearing the allman brothers ringback when i called you. i miss your voice. i miss everything.

    i miss the way you used to be, before you moved and changed.

    but as much as i wish our fairytale relationship was still intact, it’s a blessing you’re out of my life. when you made the decision to stop talking to me, my whole world changed. it was sad for awhile, but now i’m stronger. i stopped crying for you and begging you to pick up my phone calls.

    my friend deleted your number from my phone….as if i didnt memorize it.

    i can’t help but be nice, as this letter shows. but i really need to tell you that you’re an asshole. plain and simple.

    i loved you once,
    you’re forgotten lover

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