• to my lovely boy friend and sometimes myself

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    don’t die, don’t die, don’t die
    a personal mantra
    d is the fourth letter of the alphabet
    in chinese four is spelled like death
    to me.

    my dear, you’re drinking yourself to death
    every december you do this
    i dream of your death in the obituary
    discussed in medical detail
    truth and dares upon the deathbed
    don’t die, don’t die don’t die
    derailed from your plan
    denounced as a liar
    you’re still delightful in my eyes

    dearie, don’t riddle your wrists with dashes
    do you desire life today?
    daily I debate your decision
    dark, dangerous, repressed, depressed
    don’t die don’t die don’t die
    i can’t decide your destiny
    you must distinguish
    what is real and what is wrong

    dearest, you’re dreaming
    daring drugged and drunk
    don’t die
    please, don’t disappear
    from me

    -love s

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