• I said I wouldn’t write

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    another letter but I lied. Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. I poured my heart out to you and I got nothin. Not even a Phuck U Bitch! What is that? I could have dealt with anything but not nothing. I meant it when I said words can hurt but silence is DEADLY.

    You say you don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve…what the fuck does that mean? Well to me it means, I didn’t know you nearly as well as I thought I did. Because if I had known that, I would have never fallen for you. I want someone that hides nothing.

    Obviously I was wrong for thinking you felt the same way because if you did, you wouldn’t want me to wonder for another minute.

    If you do have feelings and have decided that you are too much of a man to share them, at some point it will be too late. If you think that I am sitting around waiting for you to tell me, your partially wrong. I am waiting for you to say something but I haven’t put my life on hold. And soon I won’t be around for you to tell. So if you feel something, I suggest you say it.

    Your mixed signals are hurtful. And because I am a sucker, I will give you a little more time, but soon you will receive a Dear John (Michael) letter and our friendship will be over.

    My problem is not that you may say you don’t feel the same, its that you aren’t saying anything. Saying something is the only thing that could save our friendship.

    I’m a big girl and I’ll get over it and I’m sure being the man that you are, you will get over losing me.


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