• I got drunk last night.

    by  • October 16, 2010 • Anger, Eff Off - You - or Up, Friends, Grief, Heartbreak, Lost Love • 2 Comments

    I kept thinking about you. For once it made me angry instead of sad. I realized how much of a jerk you were to me.

    What’s sad is that it took me two months, and then getting drunk with people who ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT ME for me to realize that you were using me so no one could see how much of a loser you are. I hate you, and I hate how you pretended to care about me. And I hate how you kept up that stupid act. And then when Suzie came along, we’re friends so we can totally have sex right? WRONG. That day made me so uncomfortable and YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE WHO COULDN’T TELL, but you just kept pushing. Pushing and pushing. So I let it happen, if only because I felt like you cared about me and I didn’t want to lose you because I am an attention whore.

    But you know what? FUCK YOU, THIS IS ME SCREAMING EVERY WORD THAT I HAVE EVER NEEDED TO TELL YOU. I HATE YOU, YOU GODDAMNED USER. I don’t think you understand how fucking happy I am that I can finally say that.

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    1. Jackie
      October 16, 2010 at 8:36 pm

      i feel the same way about someone in my life. YOU GO GIRL! deadass, that guy is a dick and you are obviously better without him. Thank you for putting my feelings into words.

    2. Amanda
      October 17, 2010 at 10:10 am

      Congrats on the realization. It’s difficult to realize who to trust sometimes. I’ve been in the same position.

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