• Forever.

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    “Forever.” I don’t understand it. How can so much meaning be packed into such a sadistic little word? A word with so much power that it could overthrow the world. That word, you told me once. Forever, you meant it, you swore. And I believed, believed like any lovestruck soul would. But then again, I always was a fool for love, and a fool for you. Hopeless, for the love of such kind eyes and a soft smile. When deep beneath them, only a cold, cold heart remains. Were you always that way? Was I simply blind?

    “Forever”. You said it, over and over again. Beating it into my soul that your love for me was as deep and as pure as anything. Once again, I believed. I believed in false reality, the idea that any two people can be together for eternity and then on. That feelings can last as long as our feeble bodies. In all honesty, looking back at it now, I laugh. To believe in something so naive, shame on me.

    Shame on me for thinking that you and I were something, if anything. For all of the times I disregarded your mistakes for the sole meaning of that word, “forever”. I always told myself, when you love someone you love them entirely. For their good, but also their bad. You embrace their flaws and learn to adapt to them and love them to their core. I did that for you, because you promised me “forever”. But where are we now?

    Two souls that were once one, separated, now opposite beings. You left me, holding onto your forevers, while you moved on to something that suited you. And now I’m beginning to think that I’m stuck, stuck on forever. Wanting it to come back, for it to be real. But it never will, will it?

    And the more I’ve thought about it it, the more I’ve realized: forever, is just a myth. And you, you’re just a liar.

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