• Lost

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    Its been years and I’m still in love with you.

    I let you get away with murder, murder of my heart and my hope. It’s almost 2011 now and you’ve been here since 2002.

    We were best friends, We fell in love, 2007 we let it be known.

    I trusted you.

    You left me. Your feeling died. I’m so lost without you. For some reason I still see you, you tell me you want to get married. I’m waiting. I’m wasting my life on you. I can’t stop. You gave me the worst feelings but they outweigh the best. You make me so happy. Why can’t I let go? I’m not myself anymore.

    We stop talking for a few months then I give in after having a dream about you. Your voice haunts me along with that beautiful smile and gentle loving touch. You love to lie, you keep me hanging on.

    I feel trapped. I’ve been dating I’ve been trying. Nothing is working.

    My trust is gone and I just think everyone has bad intentions.

    My abandonment issues are getting worse. Its all thanks to the father that beat my mother when she was pregnant so he could get rid of me.

    It’s not your fault, It’s mine.

    If it’s not then that’s just easier to say, I don’t want to hurt you, but I allow you to hurt me.

    I don’t know where life is taking me, but you hold me back.

    I wish my thoughts would become something positive, something that will break me from this restraint of my feelings.

    I’m completely numb.

    My beautiful body is the one thing that keeps you around, you tell me my stunning looks make you melt. Do I believe your compliments? They aren’t different then other peoples. Why do I believe you? Why do I want you? Your ignorance is hideous and I am too good for you.

    I need to get away before it’s too late.

    Without you because you will never care…….

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