• i love you

    by  • October 10, 2010 • Friends, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Thinking of you, Yearning for You • 0 Comments


    I know it’s impossible for us to be together since you’re still in love with someone else and probably always will be, so I’ll say here what I can never say to your face.

    I love you more than I thought was ever possible to love anyone. The week we had together was the happiest of my entire life and I’ll never forget it.

    I should probably hate you for lying to me and then ending it but I can’t. Your happiness is what matters most to me and if you’re happier this way then I can’t hate you for it, I’d rather you’d be happy alone than miserable with me and wanting someone else.

    I miss you every day, I still dream about you, you’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last before I sleep. When I’m around you my heart aches and all I can think of is how much I want to hold your hand one more time and tell you how much you mean to me.

    I’m glad that we can still be friends, the thought of being without you or never seeing you again kills me. I’ll always love you and be there for you when you need me.

    – R

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