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    I started this later out thinking I was going to write it to the boy I’ve been in love with since 7th grade. But then I realized that if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be going back to him. If you still liked me how I liked you then I wouldn’t be going back to him. I think the only reason I’m even considering getting back together with him is because you are with her. I could lay on my futon or sit in the library with you for hours, and it makes me sad that what we planned will never happen.

    Maybe one day it will be time to figure out if it could’ve worked without having interference. Until then, I wish I could I hope you’re happy but I can’t. I hope you fight every day, and she cheats on you. I hope she never trust you, and breaks your heart like you broke mine. I hope you don’t have a good college experience because you spend so many weekends going to see her. I hope you end up hating her so much you love me again.

    So until then I’ll be your friend despite the fact it hurts so much.


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