• I Still…

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    I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, I know it isn’t a good time for you to hear this but..

    I still love you.
    I am still in love with you.
    I still want to be holding hands with you and talking about how perfectly the fit together.
    I still want to be cuddled up on my couch watching Disney movies.
    I still want to be in your car’s passenger seat.
    I still want to kiss you.
    I still want to be huddled into you on a cold night.
    I still want to be walking down the street talking about life.
    I still want cute songs to remind you of me.
    I still want my parents to jokingly ask us when were getting married.
    I still want to be your best friend.
    I still want you to know how you would ask me to marry you.
    I still want to hear you say ‘I love you.’

    But finally after our years of going back and forth I’m left the one with unrequited love, when in the past it’s been you. And now all those things I want, you want with someone else..and that hurts more than anything I’ve ever felt to be giving you advice on how to win her back. I’m sorry I have such bad timing..but in my heart I feel like our love story hasn’t ended. I hope I’m right about that because,

    I still want to have our happy ending.


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