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    Dear Mom and Dad,

    I know I have told you about how I want to move to Australia as soon as I graduate but I always just make it sound like a joke by saying I’m just going to find my wife. But I’m serious. One hundred percent serious. I want to move as far away from Ohio as I can. It’s not because I don’t love my family because I do with all my heart. It’s just because once I am done with my life as a student I want to move away and start fresh somewhere else.

    I know it would hurt you but you just have to know it’s not because of you two for any reason. I will miss everyone. Our whole family, my friends, even the kids I don’t like at all. It is just what I need to do in my life.

    I wanted to do it last year. Before I even finished college. I was so done with school and was so upset with life that I just wanted to run away from all my problems. I don’t know how I would get the money to do it. But I wanted to. It was always on my mind. I figured I could get some little job and make small money until I got settled in and then really start a life. But I just suffered through my days and the realization of it finally sunk in.

    I’m glad I didn’t do it. But I just want you to know that one day I will. Even when I am 9500 miles away from home I will always always love you.

    Love E

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    1. Same here
      November 4, 2010 at 12:04 pm

      I joke about transferring schools all the time. My family hasn’t figured out I’m serious. It’s happening in less then a year. I haven’t figured out how to tell my mother I would rather struggle to go to school thousands of miles away than stay here were I am surrounded by those that love me here.

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