• One of these days i’m not just going to answer “yes” when you ask if i’m okay.

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    I want you to hurt as much as you’ve hurt me.
    I think I’ve played off this “I’m okay. I’ll always be here as a friend” attitude too well.
    I want you to know how broken you’ve made me,
    and I want you to suffer half as much as I’m suffering.
    Oh, and by the way: A friendship goes two ways. I’m done pining for you to say hello, or to just simply talk to you. I’m done putting so much into this friendship and you just turning your back on my every time.

    When you broke up with me you went on this extremely long tangent about how you wanted us to remain friends; about how you couldn’t stand losing me completely.
    Well you’re sure not doing a hell of a lot to maintain that friendship.
    So, this is it. My “angry stage” of the breakup.
    You’re either my friend, or you’re not.
    So, in short,
    Either fuck off, or do something about this.


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