• heaven, or reincarnation

    by  • September 30, 2010 • Grief, Love - Pure and Simple, Those Gone Before Us • 0 Comments

    help me through this pain. show me proof that she’s up there somewhere ok. a cat, only a cat, part of the family more than you could imagine. I miss her terribly. I want someone to make me feel like she’s happy now.

    I don’t want her suffering.
    I don’t want her to be nothing.
    I see why people believe in a heaven.
    we need to know that those dead are still alive somewhere.

    little darling, I have already wrote you one letter. I feel better when I write about you. I promise, I will never forget you, even if there are human feelings we think you can’t comprehend, I know you could feel every ounce of what we feel. You are more intelligent than most people will ever be. Lily, my dear cat, you were so much more than just a cat in this life.

    and thank you for letting us be so close to you in your last moments, you knew what was going to happen, you had to, because you never let us smother you like that and kiss you.
    I love you forever little one. please be safe where you are.

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