• Dear, you

    by  • September 30, 2010 • Breaking Up, Letting Go, Lost Love, Self-Esteem • 0 Comments

    I know you’re having a hard time letting go of us, but baby it’s over.

    Let’s not make this difficult. Every guy I have ever started a relationship with has told me that they were destined to marry me, you’re nothing special.

    You’re very selfish, don’t your remarks do not amuse me one bit. You make me sick. I try my very best to help you, and be nice and do things for you. Yet you take advantage of me every second you get. I have never been mistreated and disrespected by any man in my whole life.

    Since you just don’t seem to know what’s wrong with us, here it is:


    It’s sad when the thing I miss the most from our relationship is seeing your mother all the time

    I am free now, and so much happier

    You broke my wings and battered me and my dreams and spirituality. But now I am finally standing up for myself when I say, thanks, but no thanks, 6 months of slavery was enough for a lifetime.

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