• Dear Ex,

    by  • September 30, 2010 • Guilt, Heartbreak, Letting Go, Lost Love, The Ex • 0 Comments

    Dear Ex,

    I hope you are happy. I honestly do.

    I hope you enjoy every minute with your new 35 year old girlfriend with the face not as cute as mine. I hope you savor all the tattoos she dons that you would never have allowed me to get. I hope you end up in another lovely long term relationship, because God knows you don’t know how to not be in one.

    I am sorry if this is blunt. I truly am. I apologize for the fact that I am upset you were able to get over our 4 years together in a mere 6 months while I still grapple to find my way. Please forgive me for the fact that although I am over you, I am nowhere near being over what transpired between us. Excuse me for wishing that our short life together had held more weight.

    I want you to know some things. Between you and I. It hurts more remembering you talk about her when we were together, bragging that she liked you (although then she was too old for you and not attractive). It hurts more to know that I wasn’t as far along in my healing process as I thought I was. It hurts most to know that while I cover my pain in simple trysts, you have decided to hide yours by giving your heart to one.

    I should have seen this coming, but I was blindsided. I should have realized that eventually I would see this day, and prepared myself. I should have known that I would cry. But I didn’t.

    So now I thank you. I really do! Thank you for letting me see how much more healing must be done. I am so grateful that now I can fully move on. I am indebted to you for giving me such an intense day of reflection to realize that things are never as they seem.

    I hope you are happy asshole.

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