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    by  • September 30, 2010 • Confusion, Fear, Interested?, Smitten, Yearning for You • 0 Comments


    I’m worried about going too fast.
    That I’m falling for you too fast.
    And spending too much time with you too quickly.

    I was in your dorm untill 2:30am. Laughing with you, and joking.

    You sat close to me so your arm was touching mine.
    Did that mean anything?
    Or am I jumping to conclusions?

    You stare at me a lot, and give me these looks that I can’t quite figure out.
    Am I just jumping to conclusions?

    When you drove me back you said we would watch movies next time and cuddle.
    Am I jumping to conclusions?

    When you hugged me goodnight you left your hands on my waist and held me tight.
    Am I jumping to conclusions?

    It’s only day five, and I am planning on sleeping on your floor and watching movies. I’m afraid of coming off as easy, because I have really only known you a week or so..
    or moving too quickly and having you not like me for very long. Just like I’ve had happen in the past.

    I don’t want to sleep over to have sex, or even to kiss. I just want to watch those movies and have you hold me close. And be there when I wake up in the morning. That’s all. And that scares me.

    Is that moving too quickly?
    Am I jumping to conclusions?

    I am scared.

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