• What a relief

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    I am nearly free of you (in my head and heart). I see you online, see you put things on your facebook page (yes, you still keep me there are a friend because I think you don’t particularly want to lose me) and you previously said you will always consider me a close friend of yours. That has yet to be seen, if I WANT to remain friends with you. I think I do, but it will be a while before I go there again.

    I need to heal and get on with my own life (which I now am and it’s a relief).

    We still catch up with DM on separate occasions and they make a point to make sure we don’t bump into each other. That’s very thoughtful of them. But when their friends found out you broke up withe me, they thought you were an idiot. I think you have lost some respect there. I dont think you care and I guess, it doesn’t really matter. I do know that I have some great friends now though… genuine friends who love me, for me, not as your g/f.

    For the moment, your actions mean nothing to me. There was a period of time where I really wanted you back. I would have done anything to get you back. But now, I see that you are just floating about in you sea of confusion and ‘looking’ like you have your shit together. I know you intimately, you don’t fool me.

    There is a part of me that still wants to save you and then again, no one can save you. Only YOU can do something about that. You will distract yourself with other women and have sex with them, then discard them. I KNOW you, that will fill a short lived need, but you don’t want that. You want a real relationship. Good luck with that!

    I am just relieved to be getting over you… finally!!!!!

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    1. Pblondie
      September 29, 2010 at 8:34 pm

      ahh exactly how i feel about my ex



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