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    by  • September 29, 2010 • Grief, Heartbreak, Love - Pure and Simple, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    yes, you.
    you’ve fallen from my grace
    and i see you
    for what you’ve become.
    i see what you’ve been
    and i see what you’ve done.
    i’ve held on for so long
    keeping this inside.
    kept hoping for that moment
    taking every year in stride.

    i’ve allowed this to be
    never truly letting go
    i have no one else to blame
    all i have is me

    every time i try to pull away
    not letting you have that power
    every time i push you to the back
    never wanting to give in

    i tell myself that you were wrong
    that it was never my fault
    that you did this and it wasn’t me
    i’m not to blame

    i wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t make me

    i want to say
    that things are better now
    i want to believe
    that i’m ok
    i need you to know
    that things are better now
    i need you to know
    that things are ok

    most of this is a lie
    and you’ll never know
    you’re never going to get this
    and i’ll never let it show
    no one will ever believe me
    and you’ll never know

    that this isn’t about you
    and that this isn’t mine

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