• I’m sorry, I was wrong.

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    I’m sorry. I was wrong. I thought I could do this whole just be friends thing. But I can’t.

    I think about you constantly. It’s stupid, I know you and I know you meant what you said about not hurting your friend. But think about it. You know there was something between us. I even told you that one kiss was the most amazing kiss of my life. It was like there were a million thoughts going on in my head but none of them fit together or made any sense. Everything else drifted away and all that mattered were your lips on mine, your hands on my skin.

    You have to decide.

    Is it really more important to you to not hurt your friend? Than to see what could be?

    We get along so well. We can talk for hours. I love how intelligent you are and how you make me feel like I matter to you. And I can tell you’re afraid to be alone with me now, at my house. And I know it’s because you want me, too. Let go. Take it. I’ll even keep it a secret if you wanted. I’d even let it be a casual thing. I just have this need to be kissed that way again. We can keep hanging out like we are now, only out in public. But it doesn’t stop my brain from thinking about you.

    And what kills me is you know exactly how I feel about things. Like the fact that I love that you play guitar and you sing. So what did we do? Sat in guitar center and you played me songs. You take me to dinner. What’s the difference? That would hurt him just as much. Stop pretending you’re not playing games. Stop pretending you’re doing this just to be a good friend. I don’t believe you. Just man up.

    And kiss me.


    ps. I miss our emails. I read them when I can’t stop thinking about that kiss.

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