• I wish I could tell you

    by  • September 29, 2010 • * Safe for Work *, Gratitude, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I love you. And I’m crying simply because I Love You.

    Not because we aren’t together, not because you hurt me, not because I feel like I can’t have you, just simply because You fill my heart with Love. You’re in a lot of pain right now, and even though it has been months since we have seen each other and we barely speak, I feel Your pain. I’ve never felt this kind of love before and I think its pure love. Like the love you feel when you come home and your puppy runs up to you wagging his/her tail, licking your face clean or the love a mother feels when she first sees her baby. I don’t know if you will ever get to “see” the way I Love You but I’m so happy I get to feel this…even if it might not be returned.

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