• I miss you.

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    I miss your stupid fragility and the way you hold your head.
    I miss how you sing slightly out of tune, but it doesn’t matter because you sing from your heart, and I miss sharing lazy Sunday afternoons with you.
    I miss making food with you, and our mock-battles in the kitchen and throughout your house.
    I miss dancing in the rain with you.
    I miss modeling for your photography and taking walks outside with you.
    I miss cuddling on the couch with your cats and laughing about stupid jokes and shocking you with my immature vulgarity.
    I miss sitting in the passenger seat of your car and feeling the wind against my face as the music expands and pulses from the cabin.
    I miss dressing up in our sexy clothes and going clubbing with you.
    I miss waking up to your stupid alarm and I miss falling asleep knowing I’ll be cold all night, but it’s okay because you’re beside me.
    I miss your laugh and the frightening slimness of your body.
    I miss seeing you sing with your hands and I miss your pride, passion, and ambition.
    I miss your freckles and I miss going on errands with you, and I miss hearing your advice (and the way you roll your eyes when I didn’t take it).
    Most of all, though, I miss being able to call you my best friend.

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