• I don’t think there are stages for this grief

    by  • September 29, 2010 • Grief, Heartbreak, Love - Pure and Simple, Regret, Those Gone Before Us • 0 Comments

    but I just can’t stop wishing I appreciated you more, that I held you more, and gave you more of what you loved.

    I’m so sorry we had to put you down tonight baby girl, but cancer would be so much worse. And we just don’t have the means to put you through surgery and all that agony.

    You may not have been the most cuddly affectionate of cats all your life, but these past two years especially you have been so much like family.

    I can’t believe you are gone, and I’m so sorry I wasn’t strong enough to stick by your side as they gave you rest you sorely needed. I hope you aren’t hungry anymore wherever you are, I hope you visit. I hope you feel good.

    Dear Lily cat, I miss you so very much right now, and I hope animals don’t hold grudges, because I could have done so much more for you during your life. I can’t handle this kitten. I love you, I hope J’s right and that somewhere, where you are, someone is feeding you every bit of chicken you begged off of me at dinners, and letting you chew on all the emory boards you desire, and that you are being brushed like crazy. That there is mirror image of your life here only a hundred times better, fuck.

    you little two color eyed critter. I miss you like hell.

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