• to my brother in law

    by  • September 28, 2010 • Anger, Family Stuff, Frustration, Hatred • 0 Comments

    I hate your guts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You live with me and mooch off my husband, but can’t even apologize for what you did 2 years ago.

    You got pissed off when the electricity was turned off, but never once offered ANYTHING towards a single fucking bill while he was unemployed, no wonder it got shut off. You attacked him physically and verbally. He never hit you back, and he forgave you by the next day cause that is how he is.

    I will never forgive you. I have the image of that attack in my head all the time. I regret not calling the police. I wish you had been arrested for assault.

    It has been 2 years, and you still live in our home (in fact you MOVED with us this summer) and you still do not talk to him directly. You are getting better, and now do not avoid him at all costs, but SERIOUSLY?? YOU ARE A LAZY P.O.S. THAT DOESN’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIMSELF. JUST APOLOGIZE!!!!!!!!!!

    It makes me sick that my 1 year old wants to be around you all the time, I wish I could explain to her why I don’t like it, but my husband would be upset.

    I am not allowed to say anything mean, or be rude to you because my husband walks on eggshells so you won’t have another conniption. But I want to throw you down a set of stairs just like you did to him. I hate being nice to you and I cannot wait for the day you move out. I am going to have a HUGE party!

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