• Finally Over You

    by  • September 28, 2010 • * Safe for Work *, Letting Go, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Regret • 0 Comments


    You moved in with your girlfriend so I guess it’s finally as official as it’ll ever be with her.

    You told me you didn’t love her and would break up with her in a heart beat if you could… but you can’t because her family is the only family your family is friends with? You reap what you sow and if you’re happy then so am I.

    For years I waited for you to come to your senses again and realize it was US who should be together.. but things got complicated. Nevertheless, last time we saw each other I felt a break through, it would be so easy for us to get along again if we both tried. But I’m a little afraid of letting it happen because I think we could fall in love so easy. In fact, I think we have to hate/be distant from each other because if we didn’t we’d continue our love.

    But it’s time I finally let you go, it’s been 4 years after all. I hope you experience true love someday and don’t settle for your first love forever.


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