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    You were my best friend. You really were.

    I loved you like a sister. And I guess it really wasn’t your fault that we started to drift apart. In fact, it was mine. I started to let you go and I’m sorry for that. It was no wonder you started hanging out with K instead of me.

    But I needed you to stop me. I needed you to stop me from falling into the darkness that was dragging me away from you. It wasn’t your fault that you didn’t know I was becoming depressed- I didn’t tell you, nor give you any indication that I wanted to die.

    But by the time you were totally gone out of my life, I wanted just that.

    And now that it’s all over and I’m social again and I could have you in my life? You’re gone. I miss you. But I don’t think we can go back to where we were. Too much time has passed. I’ve changed- I’m not the innocent little girl i was when we were “bffs.” I grew up. But I miss the old us. I miss sleepovers and Adam Sandler movies and way too much creme soda.

    But I guess I’m never going to get that back again.


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