• My first date since we broke up

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    Tomorrow I am going on my first date since we broke up in early May. I am actually really excited about it.

    For the last 4 months, starting from the very night we broke up, I have been getting asked out on dates. Guy friends of 9 years want to be with me, the ones who know “real me”.

    How can they see me, and you can’t?

    Even one new guy friend I just met told me that he wants to marry me, that there is something about me that sets him at ease. I am not bragging, in any way…I am in shock!

    How could you have been so stupid? I did so much for you! I cooked you your favorite meals, cleaned your house, gave you head every time we were intimate, bought you clothes, scratched your back so you could fall asleep, accepted the fact that you had a porn addiction – infact, I told my secret about liking porn! And said I wanted to watch it together!

    I am smart, come from a good family, love your daughter! Love(d) you! I am sweet when I am treated right, and I am really pretty. How could you have made me feel the opposite of all this? How could I allow you to treat me the way you did?!

    I can’t believe I had to break up with you because you weren’t treating me good! You had every man’s dream and you made me live a nightmare. Good luck trying to find another me…and if you get lucky enough to for your OWN sake…let her know that you appreciate her.

    I let you know I appreciated you! Even when we were fighting!

    Anyways, back onto the whole reason I wrote this letter. LOL. I am going on my first date since our break up. I can’t wait. He is funny, bold, comforting, hot, works hard, has a son, and most of all…the feeling. I don’t get this excited feeling often when I meet someone. It is there. I don’t expect this to go anywhere, honestly. I don’t want another relationship again, but if it does lead to that I won’t ever stay around if he doesnt treat me good.

    I want to thank you for the learning experience you provided me. I have a good heart, and I don’t want it broken again. You will be the last man who I let walk all over me. I hope you’re happy with all of your decisions that you have made.

    Well, I have to go to bed…I have a date tomorrow! 🙂

    Love you always you big dumdum,


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