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    Where do I begin with you?

    You are just a bad person all around. You say you respect and care for women, yet behind their backs treat them like crap. You cheated on CT and I don’t even know how many others. Even in your current relationship you continue to flirt with your ex, K. You have pretty terrible taste in women, by the way. I haven’t met your newest one yet, so I can’t say anything about her. Maybe you really are trying to change your ways. I don’t know, and I don’t honestly know if I care anymore.

    Of course my biggest problem with you is my jealousy, but there are times where it does seem you’re stealing GL away from me. You have no loyalty to anyone except to GL and your xbox. I’m sure your new girlfriend would agree if she knew you as long as I have.

    But I think what I detest the most about you is your influence on GL. Yes, being in the army, he is around asses like you all the time–but the difference between you and them is that he actually cares how to view him. You’re the main cause, if not the only, of mine and GL’s problems.

    If it weren’t for the week you two spent together before he deployed, he probably wouldn’t have started asking questions that jeopardized our relationship. You may not have intentionally influenced him, but you did. Cheating on CT while dating A while ALSO continuing to flirt with K, I know you both talked about one of the three at some point while spending that week together. All of this in mind, I know it had to have influenced him more than if he hadn’t spent the entire week with you.

    Then there’s your compulsive lying. You constantly lie to everyone, except GL of course. Why? What is the point in lying to everybody you meet about almost anything? You say you care for people, then turn around and lie about everything to their face. You define hypocrisy.

    I know that playing Xbox with GL is y’all’s escape from reality and that it takes you back to a simpler time in life, and I know you two are like brothers. Of course I can’t ask you two to stop seeing each other, I would never ask that. And I know I may never realize why GL would rather hang out with you every day rather than me–but I just want you to change, AF. If you would, I might be able to gain some respect back for you.

    I do wish you could have joined the military with GL, you need it. It might have actually straightened you up a bit. You’re twenty years-old and you’ve only had one real job, and THAT was only because you wanted to work with GL (this was proven when you quit only a couple days after he left for basic training). You’ve had everything given to you your whole life; you have got to get out of that mindset.

    You keep saying you want to be a cook; then get off your ass and go look for a job. Whether it be in a chef’s position or any decent-paying job to save up for culinary college. I don’t care, just do something.

    Your father is slowly dying, yet you hardly ever see him–and you live in the same house. I’ve lost my father, and I regret the time I neglected to spend with him. You wanted to move out of your Aunt and Uncle’s in Houston and move here because you “wanted to live with your dad.” I’m highly doubting that was the real reason, because all you do is complain about him and bolt to GL’s house at any given chance. So now you live with your father, and what do you do there? You lock yourself away in your room and play xbox all day and all night.

    You really don’t appreciate what you have; you only want more of life’s golden opportunities handed to you. You don’t care about anyone else’s feelings like you think you do. You use women for sex, lying to them by telling them you love them more than any other girl while at the same time keeping an eye out for another girl. You’re still stuck in your fourteen year-old mindset.

    You, like CT, need to grow up.

    Change, and I might be able to call you a friend again.

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    1. Stephanie
      September 28, 2010 at 2:19 am

      I know that last night I said I’d be down with just being friends. But tonight, Chris came over. We’ve been on and off since I moved here. He kissed me, and instead of it being that old familiar kiss, it was like getting side-blinded by a warthog – it was weird, and I didn’t like it.

      Your kiss is the one I want. All I can think of is touching your skin, feeling your lips, holding your hand… I know you’re scared of being hurt, but that won’t happen with me.



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