• You were my first

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    There was a time in my life when I was convinced that my first would be my last. I was young, maybe five or six, as all children are when they first learn about fairy tales. I’d meet that one person who would sweep me off my feet, and I’d never meet anyone after that one person who would make me feel as complete.

    Then I grew up. My parents got divorced. I became jaded, all before I met you. I knew I’d meet one person after another, and none of them would make me happy. None of them would pick me up and kiss me with passion, would make me any more of a princess than I already was, or would complete me. I had to do that all on my own.

    And then I met you.

    You were the one who made me believe in fairy tales again. You were the one made me believe in ‘happily ever after’ again. You taught me what real love felt like, what it smelled like, how it looked in the morning, tucked under Carebear sheets with it’s mouth open just enough to where it could breathe gently, in and out. You taught me how love looked when it cried, and what it sounded like when it was high on nothing but what it could share with another person. You taught me what love looked like after it went to sleep with it’s makeup still on, and how, even when it cried and it’s mascara ran, it was still the most beautiful thing I’d ever see. Love was totally personified in you. I loved you more than I ever thought I was capable of loving another person.

    When we made love for the first time, I swear it was the greatest moment of my relatively short life. It made me believe in miracles again. I wanted to marry you. I wanted to be with you an no one else for the rest of my life. I knew that no one would ever complete me the way you did.

    I was right, in a matter of speaking. I’ve yet to meet anyone who filled me with so much passion. Who made me see the world in a different way. Who taught me what real love felt like.

    You were my first, but you won’t be my last. I’m a better person for skipping school to be with you, for sneaking you into my room while my parents were gone so we could leave the door closed.

    I’ll always love you, just in a different way. I’ll always be grateful to you, because after I met you, I’ll never be the same person who never believed in a forever kind of love.

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