• Tell me. I’m begging you.

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    Dear Brent,

    I sat in English and Art class with you last year. In English, we barely spoke until Art brought us together.

    Everyday, we spoke and laughed and thought and smiled and everything that two normal people do. Summer came and went, and I found myself in three of your classes. I’m glad one of them is Art again.

    Last year, I was unsure as to whether I like you, or not. This year, however, nothing is more clear. I like you. A lot. I’ve dropped so many hints and tried to make it as obvious as possible, but you seem to not notice it. Why is this? Why can’t you just see that I like you? In fact, why can’t you see that I like you more than a friend? I don’t love you, but I like you 1000 times more than I would a simple crush.

    I’ve had the pleasure of looking into your eyes, and I can’t tell what it is that you see. I know soooooo much about you, but not how you feel about me, us. Just tell me. For once, read my mind and tell me the answers that I yearn for. Tell me that I’m crazy, or that you’re crazy. Or that we’re both crazy and we belong together.

    Look into my eyes and give me what I want. All I want is you. That’s all, just you. Why can’t you see that?

    – The one you belong with

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